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Questions & Considerations

Questions & Considerations

On July 6, 2005 the Torrington Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) sent a detailed response to the DEP raising a number of questions with the district’s scope of the study. Relative to upgrading the district plant, Torrington argued that given the exceptional high-quality treatment of water and the need for sand filters should be re-evaluated and justified given its very high costs.

Relative to the Torrington pipeline, Torrington WPCA raised a whole host of questions:
• The potential connection of Goshen Center, Tyler Lake, and Dog Pond was not discussed in the study neither were limitations placed on the connection to these locations.
• They questioned the effectiveness of only one pump based on the terrain and the high pressure required.
The pipeline would operate with varying pressure and limited operating time leading to problems of stagnation, blockages, odor, and a very high head requirement for the pump.
• The force main pipeline would be extremely long and require special high maintenance.
Odor concerns were a significant issue.
• The smaller pipe system in Torrington would require substantial re-piping to larger pipes.
The higher nitrogen content of the district’s wastewater would require modifications to the treatment plant at an estimated cost of $600,000.

Torrington WPCA also recommended a value engineering study with the following considerations:
• That recommended on-site plant improvements do not use any existing structures
• Improvements to the plant are based on extreme flows that are more than twice the current discharge levels.
• Review the pump station costs to Torrington, the current costs appear low.
• Evaluate the need for provisions for ledge obstructions in the construction of the pipeline.
• Conduct a sensitivity analysis on costs of operation of the combined facilities.

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